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Our publications focus on the key issues that affect your family enterprise, office or business. If you have any questions about any of the topics discussed, please get in touch.

Family-to-Family and Family-to-Fund Co-investing

Wealthy families have been working together on Co-investing opportunities for as long as there have been wealthy families - and opportunities. The 2008 financial crisis brought renewed focus, with many looking for control and more alignment between themselves and their trusted co-investment partners. Read our latest thought-leadership to gain insights into the process you should follow, the challenges you will face, your technical due diligence check-list, finding the best co-investment partners, sourcing and doing the deal. 

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Succession for your family enterprise

Succession involves the founder and their family, the enterprise and its executives, employees and end users – anyone who is a stakeholder in the business. It’s an important subject now, as we face the largest transition of wealth and ownership ever seen as baby boomers look to transfer their ownership whilst maintaining their legacies. In the context of a family enterprise, succession can be incredibly complex, and more so the further down the generations you go.

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